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No caffeine, calories, sugar, gluten, fat or dairy
• Digestive Tonic
• Replaces Electrolytes
• Reduces Muscle Cramps

PickleAde® was developed to give the health attributes found in our pickle products for busy people on the go. PickleAde® is 100% fermented pickle juice in a 3oz bottle. Our pickle juice ferments for weeks with fresh cucumbers, salt, vinegar, natural pickling spices, dill and turmeric. It is strained and poured into a convenient sized bottle that can be carried in your gym bag, purse, car or kept in your refrigerator.

Pickle juice is slightly acidic. Scientists believe the acidic substance found in pickle juice, vinegar sends signals to your nerves. This disrupts the cramping caused during workout sessions. Vinegar combined with the salts in PickleAde® quickly replace electrolyte deficiencies that help reduce cramping.

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